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Over the next 3 years (2012-2014), the University of Florida will be conducting a study of coyote and bobcat diets in Florida.  Of particular interest is the importance of popular wildlife species, including white-tailed deer, turkeys, and bobwhite quail, livestock, and pets in the diet of these predators.  Diets will be determined by examining the stomach contents of coyotes and bobcats legally harvested or obtained in Florida.  We are asking for your help in obtaining legally acquired coyote and bobcat carcasses, with or without pelts.  While we are interested in animals collected year-round, we are particularly interested in animals obtained during June-September.  If you have at least 5 animals that you would like to provide us, you can contact Bill Giuliano at the University of Florida to arrange for pickup (352-846-0575; docg@ufl.edu). If you have fewer than 5 animals or are going to be coming through Gainesville, arrangements can be made to get carcasses from you at the University or combine your animals with others in your area for a pickup.  Carcasses should be frozen in a suitable bag or container, and include the name of contributor, date harvested/obtained (at least to the county level).  We have obtained a permit from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for this project, and will keep information provided by you for this project anonymous to the extent possible by law.  We greatly appreciate your help with this valuable study!

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